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The Good Food Factory Season 1 - 2013 

Kids healthy cooking show

EMMY® Award winner!

Connective Alchemy - 2012

Bridging the gap between ancient esoteric systems and modern science.

420 Money Gameshow - 2016

Cannabis-based, comedy. Educational, entertaining, and charitable.

Cannabis Factor - 2014

We were hired to do a show exploring the health benefits of cannabis.


Spiral - 2010


Music Video

Ron Franklin - Maui Breeze - 2012

Taylor Caldwell - Lost and Found - 2012


Chris Tittle is an EMMY® Award winning producer, television and film director, artist, graphic designer, and internationally published author. 


Known for a strong visual style and attention to detail, Chris moved seamlessly from painter to designer to multimedia artist, before transitioning into writing and directing films.

Truly a one-man-band, Chris is the co-creator, director, editor, cameraman, and graphic artist for the half-hour web series Connective Alchemy and creator of a new gameshow called 420 Money (his anti-cancer show, disguised as a comedy gameshow).

Chris has spent over thirty years pursuing answers to life's deepest mysteries. He has a passion for finding the common essence of the many systems and traditions available today. He has worked with some of the planet's most influential teachers and profound individuals in the realms of cutting edge science, spirituality, healing, and new thought.


Along with his teacher Max Christensen, he helped popularize the ancient Taoist practices of the Kunlun Nei Gung system® worldwide and is himself an advanced internal arts practitioner who continues to teach in his spare time.


Graphic Design

Control Room
Control Room

Composite image made up of several elements. Harmonized through color filtering.

Connective Alchemy
Connective Alchemy

Title card for our Connective Alchemy show. Heavy DaVinci style influence.

Homunculus Poster
Homunculus Poster

Composite image for our film Homunculus, made up of seperate images for the bed frame, room background, creature and frightened sleeper.

Kunlun book cover
Kunlun book cover
Kühl Ideas
Kühl Ideas

Logo design for the Kühl Ideas company.


Worked one-on-one with Cher for 4 months designing this line of scarves.

Party Invite
Party Invite

Composite of several elements to create a fun party invite that captures the essence of the Texas spirit.

Contact page for Factory 3
Contact page for Factory 3

Composite image made up of 6 elements to create a retro-scifi-steampunk-Tittlefunk image.

Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Information screen for the "Did You Know?" segement of Connective Alchemy show.



Jennifer Satori

Kühl Ideas LLC

Chris is an incredible interpreter of concepts.

Arturo Lee

Owner, Ascend Media

Mantra Productions blew me away with my own idea!


Singer, Actress, Icon

Chris is one of my favorite people in the world. We make a good team!